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On-demand recording: Episode 02

Season One: On-Demand Q&A with the CEO of Sharma Brands

Special guest:

Nik “The DTC Guy” Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands

Google “the DTC guy,” and Nik Sharma comes up first for a reason. The prolific marketer and CEO of Sharma Brands handled social strategy for celebrities like Pitbull at age 15, built massive audiences for Bustle Media Group and Refinery 29, and served as Director of DTC at Hint Water and Head of D2C at Gary Vee’s VaynerMedia. The kicker? He’s 23.

If you’re in the e-commerce space, you don’t want to miss this. Sharma’s seen the ins and outs of countless DTC brands, and he’s sharing everything he learned about how to build a scalable DTC marketing function inside your organization. You’ve seen him on Twitter and Adweek. Now’s your chance to ask him questions live.

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