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On-demand recording: Episode 09

Season One: On-Demand with VP and GM of DTC for The Clorox Company

Special guest:

Jackson Jeyanayagam

VP and General Manager of DTC for The Clorox Company

Which brands have the best digital marketing? Chipotle? Old Spice? T-Mobile?

Jackson Jeyanayagam worked with all those and more — launching high-profile products and leading marketing teams. From CMO at Boxed, a wholesale e-commerce startup, to VP and general manager of DTC at The Clorox Company, Jeyanayagam scales revenue for startups and enterprises alike.

After making Forbes’ “CMO Next” list, Jeyanayagam decided to move from marketing to business. In his current GM role, he owns an enterprise-sized Procter & Gamble, giving him a unique perspective on the best ways to hire expert marketers at a profit.

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