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On-demand recording: Episode 06

Season One: On-Demand Q&A with the CMO of ShipBob

Special guest:

Casey Armstrong

CMO, ShipBob

As the CMO of ShipBob, an end-to-end fulfillment solution, Casey Armstrong knows a thing or two about shipping — from hard goods to marketing content.

Prior to ShipBob, Armstrong served as VP of marketing at BigCommerce, where he managed millions in spend and helped the e-commerce platform acquire millions in net ARR and drive billions of organic pageviews.

In short, Armstrong knows how to build marketing teams and scale businesses. Armstrong is, “[O]ne of the best I know at team building and at interviewing folks,” said Tracey Wallace, host of MarketerLive and former editor-in-chief at BigCommerce.

In this episode, he shares his blueprint for building and managing marketing teams.

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